Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday morning

It's 11:00 on a Saturday morning, and the boys are playing with their Hot Wheels track, sending cars down the track to the jump and seeing if they make it safely around the curve at the bottom. Every 6-7 minutes an argument erupts as to who gets to send a car down the track next, or about which car will be next. Then they find a temporary resolution that is interrupted by an argument over which one can be more polite than the other. It won't be long before I've reached my limit on this one and I'll go put the cars and tracks away. Then the argument will be over which one gets to play Wii and which game to choose (Wipeout or Hot Wheels or Wii Fit). But at the moment, they're in agreement and seemingly happy or content. Wait for it. Wait for it...BAM! Argument time!

Every time I push my glasses back up my face I sense the bruise I received with boy #2 accidentally kicked me in the face when climbing all over me two nights ago, shoving my glasses into my forehead with stunning force.